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About Lazarus Academy

Our Mission

Lazarus Academy delivers outstanding Christcentric education by developing each child's unique giftedness in a collaborative, creative, and environmentally respectful learning community. Our innovative approach to education encourages our students to be critical thinkers, problem solvers, and above all, ambassadors for Christ.

We disciple our students in order to:

1.  Develop lifelong learners.

We reward imagination, participation, and innovation in and out of the classroom.  We believe that curiosity fuels the desire to understand others as well as to learn new skills. 

2.  Develop humble leaders.

We believe that leadership should be developed to its fullest capacity and that every student lives and moves in a space in which he has the ability to influence others for good.

3.  Develop faithful servants.

We believe that God equips everyone for a unique purpose that makes the world a better place.  Assisting the student in this discovery is one of our highest commitments.  We are honored to support our students as they discover their purpose and serve others within that calling.